About Us/Our Journey

KwikShip was born out of sheer necessity. Plain and simple. 

The Trim Healthy Mama product line was launched in 2014 to a very enthusiastic audience of women who were already passionate readers of the best-selling book series by authors Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. As the product line and demand grew, the company was finding it hard to identify a warehouse and fulfillment partner that could meet the unique demands of their customer base.

The product line included a number of challenges: glass bottles filled with oil, plastic bags filled with powdered sweeteners and other consumables, noodles packed in plastic pouches filled with water and numerous other product offerings that included sharp corners, fragile components and temperature-sensitive perishables. 

All being shipped to mothers on a budget who are watching every penny. In short… a fulfillment challenge to say the least.

After a number of attempts with existing warehousing and fulfillment options, the company decided there was clearly only one way to achieve the level of quality, care and attention to detail… do-it-themselves. 

And KwikShip was born. Opening in February of 2017, the company’s facility in Nashville, TN meets the needs of Trim Healthy Mama LLC as well as a number of other clients who seek the same level of service to their customer base as Trim Healthy Mama does.

Perhaps KwikShip is a good fit for your company’s needs? 

Give us a call at 629-888-9104 Mon thru Fri 7:30am to 3:30pm CST to start the discussion.


We’re OCD about our stuff, and we’ll be OCD about yours too!
When we were a customer of other distribution centers, we often found our product stored in places that it shouldn’t have been, stacked in ways that it shouldn’t have been, kept in temperatures that it shouldn’t have been in, and in general not given the care that we’d expect it to be given. We feel your pain!

We’ll work closely with you to make sure that we get it right.

Come visit us today and see how we’re different than the other guys.